BINTAC M50 WITH 3 ARROWS - 22” BARREL - .50 Caliber

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 Bundle Includes:

  • One M50
  • Two Mags
  • One Fill Probe
  • Three Arrows

Muzzle Velocity:

  • .50CAL 210Gr Up to 400 FPE
  • Arrow 4745Gr 540FPS 300 FPE UP

Magazine Capacity:

  • .495 CAL 6 Shots

Air Tube Capacity:

  • 500CCMax

Air Filling Pressure:

  • 4500 PSI SHOTS PER FILL .50 CAL 6+

Barrel Length:

  • 22 INCHES

Overall Length:

  • 36 Inches

Butt-Stock Folded:

  • 28 Inches


  • 11mm Dovetail Scope Mount

-Bolt Action-


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